Haunted islands are way worse than other haunted places because you can’t escape… you know, unless you want to venture out into the dark ghost infested waters where the angry spirits of the past will probs flip your boat and pop your life vest or feed you to a shark ghost or something. I’m scurred just thinking about it. However, if you went through what some of these people did on these islands, if you died like that, man, you’d probably be too freaking pissed to rest in peace too. Maybe don’t blame them, but also maybe don’t visit them. Check out the top 10 haunted islands from around the world and decide for yourself…

1. Hart Island aka “The Island of the Dead” – New York, USA

In the past it’s been a POW camp, a quarantine station for yellow fever patients, an insane asylum and a reformatory… now it’s an ongoing mass grave. It’s owned by the NYS Department of Corrections and the only living people allowed to set foot on it are employees or inmates of Riker’s Island Prison. One of the prison jobs available to convicts serving time at Riker’s is to bury the bodies of the poor and the unknown… New York’s orphans, homeless, unidentified or just those who can’t afford anything with a bit more dignity are put in a never ending mass grave on the island. Family members of the deceased can make supervised visits but they can’t go past the dock… wonder why… 

haunted island ny

Photo via Flickr/nyperson

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