[image via Socialite Life]
  • With the 2012 Olympics long gone, Tom Daley has found a way to remain relevant despite only being famous every four years: by hiking up his bathing suit and getting frisky with a volleyball on a beach in Adelaide, Australia.
  • Christina Aguilera went to Washington, D.C. to pick up an award for her humanitarian efforts, and Hillary Rodham Clinton totally checked out her rack.
  • This is a picture of Katherine Heigl looking like that drunk mom who would always show up at your middle school swim meets and embarrass her kid in the bleachers. In reality it’s just her kickin’ it poolside in Las Vegas.
  • Did you know that Barack Obama and Mitt Romney had some sort of debate in Denver last night? I don’t know why you would, I hear the whole thing was pretty hush-hush.

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