When I was approximately 5 years old, my nana took me and my cousin to our first Broadway show. It was Beauty and the Beast, long before Ren from Even Stevens landed the role as Belle, but still it was a memorable day. To be honest, I only remember the show a little bit. I mostly remember hiding under a table, scared senseless, at Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde’s after demanding my nana take us there, instead of the much nicer restaurant she actually wanted to go to.

When my cousin and I were 16, my nana took us to see Wicked. That time, I had a terrible cold and spent most of the show trying not to cough so as not to bother the people who paid good money to see it. Before I bore you with a recap on every memory I have seeing Broadway shows, let’s just cut to the chase and say Broadway always leave a mark.

The best type of shows though are the ones you randomly decide to see on an uneventful Tuesday night. Usually you can run up to the will call window on a spur of the moment decision and ask if there are any tickets left over. The answer is almost always yes, barring the most popular shows, and tickets are almost always cheap. If you thought that was easy, then seeing Broadway shows just got even more convenient than that…

A growing App called Tix Today was created by Broadway producers to encourage people to look up what types of tickets are available within a week’s span. The point of the app is to give people an opportunity to buy tickets without having to trudge all the way down to will call or to wait in a line. Instead, you just look up the show you’d like to see, buy the tickets, and meet a Tix Today representative standing by the theater with your tickets. Looks like Broadway will be on the upturn again real soon.

Download Tix Today and see a show on a random week night. They don’t call it the city that never sleeps for nothing!

Tix Today App for Tix Today App


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