You are a traveler at heart. You want no part of settling down in one place. Your belongings mean nothing to you. These three sentences are the thoughts every traveler has. The ones that have a sense of responsibility however, tend to get tied down by the cars, homes, and plain old things in life. It is the ones who have sold everything for a a year long trip to Phuket that we envy and admire. Those are the ones who aren’t strained by all the things.

Before we get too deep though, Travel Freak has found a solution to the too realistic and responsible man/woman who has to suppress their wanderlust. The Tiny House Movement is a social/environmental movement, but as its mission states, people are joining it for a variety of reasons. Our thoughts are that this concept is every controlled  wanderer’s dream. Imagine having a home that cuts costs of living and is low maintenance. You could leave whenever you please without your mind jumping to the laundry list of things you have to turn off in your home prior to departure.

The average American home is about 2600 square feet with bills that continuously rack up. The need to consistently upgrade appliances, furniture, and electronics calls for a ton of money that could be put to better use on a plane ticket. The Tiny House Movement diminishes these stresses by making a 100 t0 400 square foot space a home. The need for a constant upgrade is eliminated with this movement.

You can pretty much relate anything back to travel, but The Tiny House Movement might just be the move (get  it) to make if you are feeling life is a bit too stable in that big ol’ house of yours. You don’t have to sell everything, but a downsize a la The Tiny House Movement may just be the boost a traveler at heart needs to reinvigorate that adventuresome lifestyle.

Tiny House for the Tiny House Movement


Would you live in a tiny house?




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