I took the subway to Prince Street where I skipped on over to Spring Street, with all the anxiety, nervousness, and excitement I’d normally feel before a first date- (I’m sick, I know)

I was finally here on 189 Spring Street, ready to awake my soul with the beautiful goodness of the chocolate chip cookie shot over at the Dominique Ansel Bakery in NYC. I had seen this cookie be devoured on T.V. for months now, whether it was featured on the Food network Channel, or a bunch of talk shows. There must have been an angel on my shoulder when I went because I had arrived to the shop at exactly 2:00 pm, just an hour before the shots would become available, and I was fourth in line. I waited an entire hour for this bad boy.

As I impatiently waited in the single-form-line that was beginning to grow down the street and wrap around the corner, I checked my phone to keep tabs on the time every ten minutes. One of the bakery staff members finally came outside in her pastry hat and apron, to hand out samples of the Madeleines, which were warm, amazing, lemony little cake bites sprinkled with powdered sugar. Really, this was just a tease for everyone. At the front of the line stood a tall fact sheet that read, “Hi there, Cookie Shot Lovers!” This stand included a list of reasons why each customer was limited to only two shots, which I found personally offensive, being the cookie addict I am. These delicacies usually sell out within an hour of being baked, proving all the loyal customers at the back of the line to really be brave soldiers that are taking the chance to not be served. It was 2:59 pm when the bakery assistant came back outside signaling for the first part of the line to follow her into the shop, when I began to feel like an animal rushing to a watering hole in the distance. We walked into the bakery that was elegantly decorated as my eyes darted to the back beyond all of the display windows to find what I had come here for.


[photo credit: Nicole Stumpo]

There it was: the chocolate chip cookie shot. I handed the guy at the cashier my debit card so he can charge the $3 a shot price, twice. I watched the lady take out my two empty cookie shots, before pouring the milk inside from a cute little kettle. After sitting down at a table, I took my first nibble, drinking a bit at the same time. This warm, fresh chocolate chip cookie was filled with a hard chocolate layer, ensuring that the floral, and slightly sweet milk stayed inside. It’s hard to find the words to describe such a magical experience. In fact, I think I even scared the friend that I had gone to the bakery with a bit. The only negative thing I can possibly think of about this addicting invention is the fact that I’ve been going through withdrawals ever since I left the bakery. This cookie shot is guaranteed to be the best shot you’ll ever take. Dominique Ansel, are you married yet?

 Do you believe in love at first bite?

feature image via dominque ansel 

Shane Autumn is currently a senior at The University of Tampa, pursuing a degree in Communication, a minor in Spanish, and a certificate in International Studies. When this travel-obsessed, adventure junkie isn't out exploring the world, she can be found feeding her unhealthy addiction to chocolate chip cookies. Shane Autumn is an avid human rights and animal activist, and plans on starting her own non-profit organization someday.


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