Now, this may just be me, but I have noticed something about drinking as I  hit my 20’s. Heading out in an H&M cotton mini skirt, in the middle of February, in the north’s unforgiving winters, wearing an alcohol blanket that needs to last until 2 a.m., is not my idea of a fun night anymore. Call me an old geezer, but I am starting to understand the joy in a casual night with friends, while having a cocktail and some food. Well, I may have to move, but TravelFreak has found the perfect place to do exactly what my grown-up (#notreally) ass wants: Tales & Spirits. Tales & Spirits is a cocktail and gourmet food bar in Amsterdam, North Holland. Yes, there are tons of bars in the world that offer both of these services, but stick with me on this, because we are obsessed.

Tales & Spirits is the epitome of the upscale bar we all want to drink at, but are afraid our boisterous friends and cotton mini-skirts will not fit in at. Better than the upscale bar atmosphere though, is its dedication to the Dutch motto, “Just relax.” I am not sure if that is really a Dutch motto, but judging by their accepting culture, I think they wouldn’t have a problem with me making that assumption. Anyway, the point is, Tales & Spirits looks like a fancy place: cherry wood, exposed brick, chandeliers, and bartenders in suspenders (great rhyme), but it is actually just a place to hang with friends. The people who run this haven are devoted to giving their patrons delectable food and a good time. Getting rowdy, while feeling classy? I’m in.

The second thing that is hard not to love about this place is the menu. The menu changes seasonally based on what’s fresh (if that doesn’t scream European, I am not sure what does) and the options are endless. Everything from steak tartare to bar food is served, and all in gourmet fashion. It is on the pricey side, but you pay for what you get. This bar has not received lower than a five star rating, and we’re not talking Yelp, we are talking whoever the real chefs are. For the cocktails? Spirits and some of the most creative and decadent mixed drinks can be tried at Tales & Spirits. This bar is so original, most of the cocktails served there can only be found there. Have you ever heard of the “Fallen Lady”? No? That’s because it is a drink dedicated to the women of the Red Light District and is only found at Tales & Spirits. It’s a combination of Kettle One vodka, Mozart dark chocolate liqueur, raspberry syrup, fresh lemon juice and Bittermen’s Burlesque bitters. Can someone tell me what are Burlesque Bitters are? One thing is for sure: this place means classy business.

The final thing TravelFreak loves about this Thirsty Thursday pick: it’s located on a quiet side street in Amsterdam. The place is undoubtedly perfect. I am pretty sure no one goes into Amsterdam the way they come out, but I am sure that they had a hell of a time. Let Tales & Spirits aid in the process… be classy while getting blitzed!



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