How do you take your coffee? Always the same way, or do you like to change it up and try new varieties? Check out how the beverage is enjoyed around the world and find out where you’re most likely to prefer the local brew.


Coffee was made popular in bright and populated coffee houses and cafes in Turkey long before the trend hit the US. Turks take their coffee “as black as hell, as strong as death and as sweet as love”. What’s even more special about Turkish coffee though is there are usually leftover grounds in the cup after all of the liquid is gone, and they can be used to tell your fortune.

turkish coffee

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Espresso is a daily necessity for Italians. The single shot of super strong brewed coffee served in a small cup is usually sipped while standing at a bar, as it only takes a few moments to drink it. A lot of people assume that having an espresso will provide you with more caffeine than an American coffee, but the reality is that while it is considerably stronger it is also a much smaller serving size, so they’re kind of equal, energy wise.

Italian coffee

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Brazil produces around 40% of the world’s coffee, so it’s no surprise that their double strength brew with lots of sugar and hot milk is so popular within their own country that it is often even served to school children starting around age 5.

Brazilian Coffee

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Coffee was discovered in Ethiopia so you could say it’s kind of a big deal there, so big in fact that it is served ceremonially in a 2 hour process from bean roasting through pouring the cups. Instead of sugar you’re more likely to find salt, spices, or butter available to add to your drink.

Ethiopian coffee

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Coffee meets whiskey. Oh Ireland, what did we expect? Actually, Travel Freaks, this popular Irish coffee drink was created in the ’40’s for travelers just like you, who needed a little extra something to get them warmed up at night after a day out in Ireland. Don’t forget the sugar and whipped cream top.

Irish coffee

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This super sweet refresher is most popularly served with condensed milk and sugar over ice to help cool you down and keep you going in the hot afternoons.

Thai coffee

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United States

*Sighs* …enough said.

DD coffee

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Which country would you most enjoy a coffee from?

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