skorppio vodka

Say what? Scorpion vodka? As if drinking vodka didn’t have its dangers (I’m looking at you, angry drunks) now there’s a real edible scorpion in it!

This liquor made by Rodrigo Rodriguez is titled SKORPPIO and according to their website, it’s five-times distilled and produced from 100% single grain wheat. You’d think that this would come from somewhere crazy right? Nope. England. (And their scorpions are farm raised, which sounds kind of adorable in a crazy way.) Admittedly, England isn’t the first to have boozy bugs. Mexico has mezcal which is made from the maguey plant and features a meal worm at the bottom! There’s also a myth that there’s a tequila worm and if it lands in your glass, you have to drink it all!

The Skorppio website features a handful of (not so creative) recipes as well. How delicious.

1. The Skorppio Shot


[photo: rachelleb]

“Impress everyone around you with this ultimate shot. Serve a shot of Skorppio Vodka, and garnish it with a scorpion.”

2. Skorppio Martini

scorpion martini

“Mix Skorppio vodka, vermouth, and several ice cubes in a shaker. Then pour it into a martini glass, and garnish it with a scorpion.”

3. SKORPPIO on the Rocks

scorpion on the rocks

“Pour a generous amount of Skorppio vodka over ice and garnish it with a scorpion.”

Are you still thinking about how scorpions are venomous and can kill you? Fear not, Skorppio ensures that both the vodka and the scorpions are safe for human consumption because they break down the toxins in the venom with a “special process.” That sounds super promising.

Gabbi Ewing is a rising junior studying Journalism as well as Film & Television at NYU. She is a New Jersey native who enjoys traveling, writing, skiing, and swimming. She hopes to travel the world, but her next adventure is taking her to Sydney, Australia to study with NYU. She aspires to work for National Geographic or Discovery Channel and to use her film, photography and writing skills to help people experience new cultures and places that they don't have the opportunity to travel to themselves.



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