Created by no other than the ‘Moneyless Man’, Mark Boyle, the world’s first moneyless pub, The Happy Pig, is going to open in Ireland.

mark boyle

Photo via Permaculture

Boyle and An Teach Saor (Irish for The Free House) have plans to convert a renovated pig barn into a free community pub. An Teach Saor is already a a gift economy based small holding in Ireland offering up free accommodation, food and education, and on a plot of land that they recently acquired was the potential Happy Pig barn. The group just needs to raise 9,500 pounds with crowd funding to get things kicked off. The idea is for the place to be open to everyone, locals and travelers, to come together as a community and experience gift economy, meaning they’ll eat, stay, take classes or just socialize without paying for anything.

Boyle’s ideas of what can be offered for free at a pub like this, as listed on his crowd funding proposition, are “…explore Wild food, forest gardening, gift economics, free education, home-brewing, music and language, philosophy, bee-keeping, herbalism, perennials, natural building, no-dig annual vegetable production, writing, coppicing, storytelling, bushcraft, off-grid living and much more.” So in summary what is sounds like is a giant amazing organic farm where everyone is progressive thinkers who want good things for the world and the community, and a pub for them to all hang out at and enjoy their open thoughts and their organic awesomeness. Ireland, you can definitely count this Travel Freak in, hopefully I’ll be seeing you soon.

Mark Boyle has famously lived successfully without any money for over two years, and has even written books on how he does so. The Moneyless Manifesto is his latest, after the popular The Moneyless Man. Boyle also is the founder of “Freeconomy”, the alternative economy, which his new pub is also based, is used in local groups and across 171 countries.

Where would you like to see a moneyless pub open next?

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