Ladies and gentlemen, the time is here yet again. As the air gets a bit crisper and the the days a bit darker, we have but one thing to prepare us for the cruel winter that we are certain to experience in a few short months: pumpkin ale. Although it may seem like you are still sweating your bum off in the subway, Sunday night football and the overly aggressive autumn lovers who are already wearing sweaters to work, are demanding that it is time to put the shorts away and crack open a beer: preferably a pumpkin one.

We all know that even though you might be terribly sick of them by the end of autumn, pumpkin ale is a delicacy from September to November, which means every weekend should involve that fall taste at some point. If you aren’t going to head to the trendiest bar in the city you live in though, you know the ones that dip the rim in cinnamon sugar, then you should at least know the best pumpkin beers to drink this season.

Paste Magazine designed A Guide to the Best and Worst Pumpkin Beers to chug this fall. Aside from being one of the most hilarious guides to beer we have ever come across, ahem quote, “Shocktop Pumpkin Wheat Beer is best for putting the fire out of your jack-o-latern”, it also lists the city that each beer hails from. If you are not a beer connoisseur, then make sure you read this guide in order to avoid being the idiot who thinks Shocktop is the best pumpkin ale.

Happy Pumpkin Ale season ya’ll!

Pumpkin Ale for Pumpkin Ale Post


What is your favorite pumpkin ale?


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