I know you are about to get upset at us. The title is correct. We did not mean electric rum. This Thursday, instead of drinking yourself into oblivion on another rum inspired cocktail, we are urging everybody to do something a little different: join the Electric Run. Trendy races are cool right now, so hear us out:

Electric Run is becoming a world phenomenon and you should be a part of it. The run is a 5k road race, but instead of running the 3 point something God awful miles in the blistering sun, runners participate in a night race. It gets good though… while runners are racing, electric dance music (also very trendy if you didn’t know already) is pumping throughout the course and runners are wearing their favorite glow in the dark outfits. I know what you are thinking: I can’t participate, I don’t have anything to wear. I will shoot down that objection because every city has a Forever21 in it. Men and women alike can find an outrageous outfit to wear there. I am a mind reader and I know your second thought also: I don’t really feel like running to techno music with no reward at the end. Well here is the best part! At the end of the run is a large techno rave that will keep you dancing until the morning. You get to continue bumping and grinding on sweaty bodies all night!

These are the serious details. The first electric run races started on the west coast and were such a success, that they are now travelling nation wide and internationally. Each track is different, but follows the same guidelines: a 5k that is glowing and blasting music through 5 to 7 different lands. Picture Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Remember when they go through the river of chocolate? The course is that, but neon. It is an ever changing light show specially designed at each location.

The cost of the race is $45 per person, but if you decide to sign up in a group of four or more people, it is $40 per person. Registration fees cover the cost of the light show as well as a t-shirt, LED bracelet, glow necklace, and glow glasses. It is an all ages race, but alcohol is served to 21+ participants at the end. The point is to promote health through fun though, so try to get naturally high on life through your run.

I could be the laziest person in the world and after reading the Electric Run details I am considering training for the 5k. Get up and go, drinking can wait until another day of the weekend! Check out the list to see when your city is hosting the run next.

electric run

Photo via: bizbash.com
Featured Photo via: electricrun.com


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