This post is going to be a Tasty Tuesday/Thirsty Thursday hybrid because we are talking about boozy ice cream! I think it safe to assume that ice cream is adored by all. I cannot think of a single person who does not enjoy a few hundred scoops of delicious creamy goodness. If you are the one person who does not enjoy ice cream then well I’m not sure why you are reading this post. It is hard to imagine that ice cream could get any better but with some help from a little friend they call alcohol you can now make time for yourself with grown up ice cream that is spiked with your favorite beverage of choice. Here are some boozy ice cream flavors that will leave you drooling:

Boozy Banana Butterscotch Ice Cream

boozy banana butterscotch ice cream

(Image via Tumblr )

This picture really speaks to me on a spiritual level. If you are ambitious enough to try recreating it on your own you can find the recipe here.

Boozy Guinness Ice Cream Floats

boozy guinness ice cream float

(Image via Tumblr)

Who says ice cream floats are only appropriate for children and birthday parties? Celebrate your achievements after work with this bad boy. You can check out the recipe here.

Boozy Chocolate Ice Cream

boozy chocolate ice cream

(Image via Tumblr )

Chocolate ice cream is a classic. Some may call it the safe choice but with the addition of some spiced rum you can take chocolate ice cream to a new level. The recipe for chocolatey goodness can be found here.

Maple Whiskey Ice Cream with Candied Bacon

maple whiskey ice cream with candied bacon ice cream

(Image via The Sweets Life )

I saw candied bacon in the title and now this ice cream must be mine. This boozy ice cream flavor is an attempt to recreate the Whiskey Maple Bacon Crack at a place called Cupcake Royale. In a word it is perfection. You can check out the inspired recipe here.

Margarita Ice Cream

margarita ice cream

(Image via The Weekend Gourmet)

This is the perfect boozy ice cream treat now that summer is rolling in. Take time to cool down and try making this margarita ice cream. You can find the recipe for it here.

Red Wine Ice Cream

red wine ice cream

(Image via Jo and Sue )

After a long day at the office instead of pouring a large glass of your favorite red wine you can fill a large bowl with a few scoops of this red wine ice cream. The recipe can be found here.

What is your favorite flavor of boozy ice cream?

Feature Image: madlyinlovewithlife via photopin cc

Brooke is a rising senior and is studying Communications and English at Graceland University. Her parents sent her to the midwest with a dowry and a mission to find a husband. She came back for the summer with no husband and no money. Brooke is currently residing in Philadelphia but she dreams of living all over the world some day, starting in Italy.


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