The Belfry has easily become one of my favorite places in New York City. Besides from the blurry but good memories I have from there, the place is a one of a kind place just walking distance from Union Square, located 22 East 14th Street. Walk into a narrow and long dimly lit bar, with bumping music and candles aligning the sides of the brick walls. Medieval looking lanterns hang from the ceiling that add a classy feel to the atmosphere. The menus on the wall behind the bar give you an options between draft beers, fancy cocktails, red and white whines, and their famous $5 beer and shot specials. Choose from either a PBR or a Tecate, and a shot of your choice. Then there’s their traditional pickleback shot. Let’s say you order a shot of whiskey. With that, comes a shot of pure pickle juice. It sounds pretty gross, but being that it is the latest drinking fad, it is important that you try it at least once. Surprisingly, it isn’t bad, and it completely takes away from the burn of the alcohol you just drank, and replaces it with an extremely salty bitter taste. Also, on Tuesdays The Belfry hosts trivia night at 8pm. If you’re looking to go out for a drink where you will meet a lot of people, The Belfry gets super packed and busy on Saturday nights around 11pm. Check out the website to see what else they offer, and go and enjoy a drink there for yourself.

the belfry

[photo via* belfrynyc]

the belfry pickleback shot

[photo credit: borkazoid via photopin cc]

Have you been to the Belfry?

Shane Autumn is currently a senior at The University of Tampa, pursuing a degree in Communication, a minor in Spanish, and a certificate in International Studies. When this travel-obsessed, adventure junkie isn't out exploring the world, she can be found feeding her unhealthy addiction to chocolate chip cookies. Shane Autumn is an avid human rights and animal activist, and plans on starting her own non-profit organization someday.


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