Admittedly these cocktails may be out of your normal happy hour budget but we couldn’t resist, this article and learning about these drinks will make feel like a royal, jetsetting around the world to meet other fellow King and Queens. These are the most expensive and perfect cocktails made around the world. You would have to travel more than 25,000 miles if you wanted to try them all, but we’re travel freaks right? We won’t let a few thousand miles get in our way. Elite Traveler magazine compiled the list of the ‘Top 10 most amazing cocktails in the world’ to tempt those with expensive taste, and make the rest of us weep. The decadent drinks, served in bars from Sydney to London, and New York to Singapore, feature some of the most expensive highly rated liquor in the world.

1. Ron Zacapa Blazer, served at Eau de Vie in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia ($25.00)

Contains: Ron Zacapa rum, Pedro Ximinez Sherry and Bitters

ron zacapa

2. Forever Young, served at Artesian bar at the Langham, London ($22.00)

Contains: Grey Goose Vodka, Martini Extra Dry, eucalyptus, maraschino and citrus

forever young

3. Cucumber Collins, served at Living Room at West South Beach Hotel, Florida ($10.00)

Contains: Square One Cucumber vodka, yuzu juice, fresh lemon and blueberry-stained cucumbers, Mirlin, Sake and rice wine vinegar

cucumber collins

4. Lady’s leg Cosmopolitan, served at Eau De Vie in Sydney and Melbourne ($25.00 per person)

Contains: Cranberry Sorbet and vintage Champagne 

ladys leg cosmo

5. White Negroni, served at Gin Palace, New York ($16.00)

Contains: Perry’s Tot Gin, blanco vermouth, Salers apertif

white negroni

6. Vanilla Chocolate Malt, served at Oxo Tower bar, London ($25.00)

Contains: Almond Milk, Mozart Dry Chocolate spirit with vanilla sugar, malted
milk, Absolut Vodka

vanilla chocolate malt

7. Dropje Daiquiri, served at the Tippling Club, Singapore ($35.00)

Contains: salted licorice, Venezuelan rum, orange curagao, citrus


8. Mulata Daisy, served at the Connaught Bar, London ($20.00)

Contains: Bacardi Superior Rum, lime juice, fennel seeds, dark crhme de cacao liqueur and Galliana L’Autentico

mulata daisy

9. Versaille Experience, served at Eau De Vie bars ($20.00)

Contains: Tanqueray Gin, Absinthe, pear, lemon, apple, mint

versaille experience

10. Paloma Hermosa, served at Living Room, Florida  (15.00)

Contains: Tapatio Blanco tequila, St. Germain Elderflower liqueur, fresh grapefruit, lime, agave, egg whites

paloma hermosa


Would you try one of these cocktails?

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