Guys, we’ve just found the coolest hotel ever, and it’s called The Manta Resort.

It isn’t an ice hotel or any sort of haunted castle. It’s premise is simple yet unbelievable. Visit the island of Pemba, Tanzania, where you can live the island life of enjoying the sun, swimming, oh and sleeping underwater.

Pardon? No, no, you read correct. The Manta Resort is the first hotel of its kind in Africa, to offer rooms that are floating/submerged below the surface of Pemba’s beautiful waters. So if you hate swimming, maybe stop reading this now. If you are a borderline aquatic animal though, The Manta Resort should be penciled in on your bucket list.

mantra resort underwater

The designer of the hotel rooms, Mikael Genberg, created a structure that doesn’t completely ban residents to the depths of the ocean, but gives them the option to surround themselves in the serenity. The hotel room has a main deck with most of the amenities needed. A ladder leads to a top deck that is perfect for working on bronzing in the Tanzanian sun. The submerged part of the hotel is reserved for sleeping, or gazing into the surrounding waters.

Don’t worry guys, Genberg has this all figured out. If you’re little traveling heart flutters at the thought of sleeping with the fish, book your next flight to Pemba, Tanzania, and head straight to The Manta Resort!

Watch the video below to see the full experience!

Would you visit The Manta Resort?


  1. id hate to wakw up and see a shark coming toward me trying to get nibble or “curious bite” to see what i am. also, what if a big wave comes and it comes loose from the bottom and tosses u onto the beach….i think it would tip over, or, if hit a rock, smashed a bedroom window, would the water filling up the bedroom sink the ship/room? disclaimer: i am terrified of sharks, even though i grew up, for the most part on a beach near the ocean or on lake. i blame ‘Jaws’ the movie from the 1970s, i cant get over it all these yrs later, even though i have seen the movie multiple times since then, i have it on dvd, and it doesnt scare me now, i still cant shake the fear.


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