Guest Post by Hadley

I get really, really, ridiculously hung-over whenever I drink. My “going out” handbag is the equivalent of a portable Rite-Aid: Advil, B-complex pills, Alka Seltzer, Berocca… seriously, everything. Despite all of my remedies to cure the foreseeable hangover, however, I still find myself waking up the next morning promising to never drink again. So when I packed for my trip to Dublin for Saint Patrick’s Day this year you know I tripled up on my meds.

Luckily my roommate in Paris took frequent trips there because she was dating an Irish lad at the time. Being the borderline OCD organizer I am I had to write down every non-touristy thing she told me to do, and she informed me that I had to go to The Counter in Dublin for a burger. She swore it’s the first thing she does whenever she gets in.

March 18th I wake up with green glitter stuck to my eyelids and (temporary) shamrock tattoos on my face, and lo and behold, the first words out of my mouth are “I AM SO HUNGOVER!” Trying to find some sort of quick fix I rifle through my satchel from the night before, finding a bunch of random cell phone numbers (the Irish really are the friendliest people) along with my tiny moleskin notebook filled with my to-do’s in Dublin. It was time to get the ultimate hangover cure: a burger.

My friend and I make our way to The Counter right off of Grafton Street. Disheveled and groggy, we plop down in a booth and are given a clipboard with about a hundred different selections of things to put in the burger. Steps 1 through 5 include type of burger, cheese, toppings, sauce and bun.

Along with always being cursed with a hangover, I am without a doubt always indecisive. After ten minutes of surveying my options I finally settled on a beef burger with applewood smoked bacon, fried onion strings, sun dried tomatoes and a roasted garlic aioli sauce with a hamburger bun (I wasn’t about to attempt to be healthy with the multigrain) along with a side of shoestring fries. It was the perfect meal to soak up all the alcoholic medleys from the previous 24 hours.

Besides working wonders on my hangover, the burger itself was unreal. So the next time you find yourself in Dublin and have inevitably had a little too much fun the night before, I highly suggest making your way to The Counter. You can also get a taste at one of their sister locations around the world, but it might not taste the same without leprechaun makeup and Jameson breath.

The Counter (Suffolk Street)
20 Suffolk Street Dublin
Dublin City Center 2

Photo courtesy of aaronisnotcool via Flickr



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