Earlier this week I pitched a tent over the future of camping, and now this infographic on the best places to fish in the United States is giving me the urge to jiggle a spool and cast my line. Some kind of woodland witch must have cast an outdoorsy spell on me because I usually despise fishing, thanks to a traumatic experience as a child in which I was told to pee off the side of a boat as strangers slaughtered worms with hooks. But after checking out the destinations listed below I’m more than ready strap on a life vest and see what I can pull out of the deep (read: I wanna catch a shark in San Diego).

best places to fish in the united statesvia Mother Nature Network

The best part about all these places is that after a long day of fishing you can clean up, grab your fishing backpack and head into the city for a cocktail or five.  Well, except Mammoth Lakes, where you’re probably stuck eating lukewarm beans out of a can and drinking PBR with a dude who won’t stop talking about how he brews his own kombucha. But that could be fun too, I guess…

Tell us: would you ever make fishing a part of your trip to these destinations?

 featured image via Emrys.Roberts

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