Holidays are great. Over here at Travel Freak we absolutely love holidays. Pumpkin beer, mulled wine, snow, holiday lights, family time. It’s the absolute best. The holidays also happen to be the one time of year we don’t want to be travelling. Unpredictable weather, way too many people, having to find a place to shove our big winter coat. Flights also seem to be a bit more expensive around this time since everyone and their brother are flying home to see their mother. But when is the best time to book that Thanksgiving flight?

Luckily has come up with a handy chart and some questions to ask yourself to help determine when you should click “purchase.” Some of the things you need to factor in are if you are traveling alone or with family or if your dates are flexible. If they are not flexible and you are traveling with others than you may have wanted to book yesterday. If you are flying solo and it doesn’t totally matter what time you show up at Mom’s door then you have some time. The Sunday after Thanksgiving (aka the day that everyone rolls themselves back home) is also one of the top three busiest travel days of the year, so if you are planning on coming back on that Sunday, you may want to avoid that. You know, if it is at all possible. Otherwise book now and prepared for it to be kinda pricey. Supply and demand, you know?

Check out this handy chart below, as well as the article on to see if you should book that flight in a couple weeks or if you missed your window and need to find some friends for Friendsgiving.



Are you making plans for Thanksgiving travel?

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