We all do it. It is a habit that is completely avoidable, yet in our know-it-all state of minds we still continue to do it. The it: stereotyping. Specifically when it comes to other countries. Sure, as travelers we all like to think we know more than we really do about another country. We visited 4 countries in Europe, and suddenly we can teach a course in European history…

Well, not anymore. Yanko Tsvetkov, an alphadesigner, is calling all of us travelers (and non travelers) out on our bull s**t excuses for knowledge of the world. Tsvetkov is a creative mind who is responsible for the Atlas of Prejudice as well as its sequel, Atlas of Prejudice 2, which is where the infographic below originated from. Tsvetkov’s atlases started from his visual project Mapping of Stereotypes which aims to look at the way humans narrow the world down into categorically specific and untrue facts.

Although meant to be humorous books, The Atlas of Prejudice truly examines the nature of human behavior that is a more than a struggle. Tsvetkov’s own story and his best-selling books are testaments to the necessity in finding a way to stop stereotyping. The infographic below, Tearing Europe Apart perfectly sums up Tsvetkov’s point. Even though it is a hilarious portrait of how the world divides Europe, it is also true that none of these typifications are accurately placed.

Enjoy the infographic’s hilarious story as told by Yanko Tsvetkov, (a personal favorite is number 5), but let it also be a lesson on our small minds in a big world. Don’t forget to check out more of Tsvetkov’s incredible work and stories!

Tearing Europe Apart for Infographic by Yanko Tsvetkov.jpg




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