You and Nana are not the only one’s who’s favorite September past time is apple picking adventures on the weekends and then turning the bounty into an array of delicious treats back at home. This is an around the world well practiced fall ritual. In the US we welcome September with the heartwarming cinnamon smells of Nana’s apple pie baking in the oven, but of course every country has it’s own unique yet equally scrumptious way to take a perfectly healthy gift from nature and turn it into a sugary start to your extra layer of winter pounds. You know, so you don’t get cold, no one regrets anything, we’re never sorry.

If you’re thinking of trying some new recipes this fall and need some ideas, a little inspiration, consider checking out what the rest of the world has to say about apple desserts. Here are 5 favorite examples to get you started!

Apfeltasche – Germany

The flakey, buttery, pastry pocket of apple cinnamon goodness is a classic in Germany, as well as a favorite in many surrounding countries too.

apples germany

Photo via Flickr/Britta

Paletas – Mexico

In Mexico they keep cool in the fall with apple paletas, like a popsicle but made with fresh fruit instead of fake flavors. Often there are whole pieces of apple left inside.

apples mexico

Photo via Flickr/Tamara Evans

Gâteau aux Pommes – France

Sweetened apple chunks and slices tucked into a warm rum cake always allows the French to look forward to the fall.

apples france

Photo via Flickr/Viou

Empanadas de Manzana – Argentina

Contrary to our usual exposure to them in the US, Empanadas are not always savory. Argentina does apple season by folding a sweet, cinnamon, apple filling into a light and flakey shell.

apples argentina

Photo via Flickr/Francesca Longo

Sharlotka – Russia

This super sweet and easy to make treat takes few ingredients which is probably why it’s so popular, aside from the fact that it can best be described as if an apple pie and an apple cake had a baby. Plus, it’s a little extra sweet because, as the story goes, the treat got it’s name from a woman, Charlotte, that the inventing baker was in love with. Awwwwwww. 

apples russia

Photo via Flickr/Deb

Where is your favorite apple dessert from?

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