I don’t remember the first time I went to the Show Place Ice Cream Parlour simply because I have been going for what seems like my entire life. The Show Place, located in Beach Haven on Long Beach Island down the Jersey Shore, is unlike any ice cream parlour I have ever been to. In my 23 years on this earth, I have never had a similar ice cream experience and believe me I have eaten a lot of ice cream in my day. What makes the Show Place so special? I’m so glad you asked.


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The Show Place is owned and operated by the same people that run The Surflight Theatre, one of LBI’s best sources of entertainment for decades now. Obviously an ice cream parlour that was started by the owner of a theatre would have a theatrical element to it right? Right.

The Show Place isn’t just about the (amazing) ice cream, it’s also about the show. When you approach the parlour, you’ll notice the line wraps around the building. Don’t be alarmed! The line moves relatively quickly, and it is well worth the wait. Every half hour or so, the place is packed to capacity and the waiters and waitresses (dressed in pinstripe aprons and saddle shoes like old-timey soda jerks) start running around taking orders. Want to know what kind of flavors they have? There is a song for that. And be ready to join in on the fun, based on your ice cream choice one member of every table is always chosen to stand up and perform. I always go for the Peter Pan sundae (because peanut butter, duh) and one time I had to stand up and sing “I gotta crowwwwwwww!” and then do my best crow call. Now, I did musical theatre for 13 years so I wasn’t embarrassed. This is the perfect place for my highly theatrical extended family.


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After everyone has their ice cream, that is when the real fun starts. Just like in a dinner theatre, the waiters and waitresses turn the restaurant into their stage and they perform a musical revue. There is singing, dancing, and loads of fun. Everyone who works there is seriously talented, and who doesn’t like a little Broadway with their banana split? After the show, the Emcee tells everyone to “eat up, pay up and get out!” Which is a phrase they have been saying after every show since about 1981. How do I know that? Because that is the summer my dad was the Master of Ceremonies at the Show Place Ice Cream Parlour, and he happened to make it up.

The Show Place opens for the season on June 20th. Will I see you there?

Have you been to The Show Place Ice Cream Parlour?


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