Being half Brazilian, I’m always looking for a place that can cook up dishes like my avó (grandmother in Portuguese). It’s a difficult feat, because everyone is loyal to their grandma’s cooking as being the best you’ll ever have. I have to admit, Rice ‘N Beans in Hell’s Kitchen is a close second to her cooking (just don’t let her know that).


photo via Yelp

I stumbled on this restaurant one night I set out to go to Hell’s Kitchen and found that the restaurant was closed. I found Rice ‘N Beans nearby, and decided to give it a try. The restaurant is homey, and has a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Walking by, you might miss this place since it’s discreetly hidden on 9th Ave, but definitely worth looking for when craving traditional Brazilian dishes. The food is as authentic as it can get, and the service is quick while the servers are friendly and helpful with any questions you might have. The dishes are big enough to share, and the rice and beans are a staple with whatever dish you decide to order. If you’re not sure what to try, feijoada is never a bad choice. It’s a stew made with pork and sausage,  and is a staple in Brazilian cooking, perfect for the cold days of winter up ahead!  My personal favorite thing to get are pork chops with a side of rice, beans, and plantains. The best part about this place is the price – for the service and quality of food you get, the price is moderate – dishes ranging from ten to twenty-five dollars a plate, depending on what you decide to order.

The decor is spot on, as the restaurant proudly shows off Brazilian artwork and plays Brazilian music while you enjoy your meal.

I’ve heard that you know an authentic restaurant by how many natives are grabbing a bite to eat there, and seeing as every time I go everyone (myself included) is chatting with company in Portuguese, you know you’re in the right spot.

Will you hit up Rice ‘N Beans?

Rebecca is (secretly Linda Belcher) a senior at Iona College, studying Mass Communications. She loves to travel, coffee, and her dog. Fan of boy bands, big hair, and everything bagels. Professional shade thrower and wearer of beanies.


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