Happy Hispanic Heritage month! September is a month dedicated to remembering and learning about the hispanic heritage, and we wouldn’t be worldly and cultural if we didn’t recognize that now would we? To clarify, the Hispanic heritage is any culture that can be traced back to Spain. So whether you are Portuguese, Latin American, or from Spain and so on, you get to celebrate a month for a more general heritage. Even if you aren’t Hispanic in the slightest, we know you can appreciate the rich culture, so Travel Freak is granting you the honor to partake in the festivities this month.

One of the most important parts of most Hispanic cultures is cooking. Cooking brings families and friends together, but more importantly, it is one of the main aspects of celebration. The world has been lucky enough to taste a wide variety of dishes from a diverse range of Hispanic cultures, and we haven’t heard many complaints. Hispanic food is sweet and spicy, hot and cold, fruity and savory. Every taste you could ever ask for is combined into all the different hispanic foods.

Travel Freak is demanding you skip the Chipotle this month, and test out a few new Hispanic dishes to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month. We are providing readers with a full course Hispanic meal menu to work with, so get inspired by the options. Although very similar, there is a ton of diversity among all the cultures encompassed by the term “Hispanic”, so feel free to experiment with the menu. We bet you can come up with a few great combinations yourselves!

Pisco Sour Via Ann Street Studio

Pisco Sour for Hispanic Heritage Month

Patatas Bravas Via To Food With Love

Patatas Bravas for Hispanic Heritage Month

Kale and White Bean Soup Via Mind Body Green 

Kale and White Bean Soup for hispanic Heritage month

Chicken and Chorizo Paella Via Life Made Simple

Paella for Hispanic Heritage Month

Tres Leches Cake Via Oh Sweet Basil 

Tres Leches Cake for HIspanic Heritage Month

Cuban Coffee Via Taste of Cuba

Cuban Coffee Recipe for Hispanic Heritage Month

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

feature image via iStock


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