This one goes out to all you grilled cheese lovers a.k.a. everyone who has ever scrolled through BuzzFeed’s “31 Grilled Cheeses That Are Better Than A Boyfriend”  or has even contemplated attending the Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Academy. You’re going to love this.

Tom+Chee calls itself “the grilled cheese and tomato soup shop for the kid at heart.” It combines the classic comfort food with fresh ingredients, healthy alternatives, and also a unique twist. They offer over 25 sandwiches in addition to fresh salads and three daily tomato soups, along with seasonal recipes like blue cheese chili and gazpacho. Tom+Chee has items that are friendly for everyone. They offer gluten-free bread, vegan cheese, vegan and vegetarian soups, and also make their basil pesto with sunflower seeds so customers with tree-nut allergies can still enjoy it. Best of all, they roast their own meats in-house and make their own dressings, sauces, and spreads from scratch.

tom and chee grilled mac


Let the kid in you decide what you want to eat — no holding back. Try a sweet spin on a classic grilled cheese with their Grilled Cheese Donut (simply cheddar cheese sandwiched between a warm, glazed donut) or excite your taste buds with a quirky sweet and savory combo from one of their 8 fancy grilled cheese donuts. One sandwich we’re dying to try is called The King and has fresh banana, peanut butter mascarpone, and mozzarella. Or even the one that’s a part of the Man vs Food Nation, called Blueberry Blue, with blueberry compote, blue cheese, and lemon mascarpone.

If the idea of a donut grilled cheese doesn’t sit well with you — although, you’re seriously crazy if you wouldn’t try a mascarpone s’more on a donut — Tom+Chee has a number of fancy grilled cheeses that you will love. Another Man vs Food Nation favorite is the Armagoetta with goetta, cherry peppers, fried onions, pepper jack, and sweet hot mustard on sourdough and rye. Or, for the ultimate kid at heart, try the Grilled Mac+Cheese. And…you can add bacon.

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After a TV appearance and investment deal on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” Tom+Chee quickly grew into a unique, mouth-watering grilled cheese business with 9 locations in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, and New Jersey. It has been named one of the “25 Brands to Watch” by the 2013 Brand Innovators Made in America. The company is continuing to expand its franchise into other locations and treat the nation to its one-of-a-kind foods.

Earth to Tom+Chee: we’d absolutely melt if you opened up a place here in New York.

tom and cheevia

What would you try at Tom+Chee?


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