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If you do not like steak or french fries, read no further. Le Relais de Venise, or “L’Entrecôte,” serves solely steak frites. That’s right, the only decision you need to make is which temperature you would prefer your steak and which bottle of wine you would like to accompany the meal. L’Entrecôte opened in Paris in 1959 under Paul Gineste de Saurs of the Gineste de Saurs wine family. Since its opening in 1959, the restaurant has been replicated under the same ownership in several other locations including Paris, Geneva, London, and most recently, New York.

le relais de venise l'entrecote salad

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Each incarnation of L’Entrecôte duplicates the atmosphere of the Paris original, including the French brasserie wood-paneled interior, banquet seating, colorful tablecloths covered by white paper, and waitresses outfitted in French maid dresses. To start, the little French maid waitresses bring a small plate of savory green salad liberally coated with tangy house dressing. The sirloin steak is so perfectly grilled, thinly sliced, and drenched in the most wonderful butter sauce that will ever soak your taste-buds. And the frites, oh the frites. Prepare for the fluffiest yet thinnest sticks of potato encapsulated in an unbelievably crunchy fricassee shell. Let the frites bathe in the butter sauce as you devour the sirloin for an especially foodgasmic experience. And just when you feel a tear form in the corner of your eye as you think, how did I eat that all so fast, the little French maid waitress returns to your setting and delivers additional heaps of steak, frites, and that darned sauce.

le relais de venise l'entrecote steak frites

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The dream-like revelatory experience that is dining at L’Entrecôte is only heightened by the dessert offerings. If you have any room for dessert, or even if you don’t, you must absolutely indulge in the cherubic profiteroles – they will stay in your thoughts for weeks, months to come. The one problem with L’Entrecôte is that it is absolutely addictive, and not even the strongest can resist its eternal beauty. Take it from me. I have been to every location since my first transcendental experience one crisp night at the Porte-Maillot L’Entrecôte in September 2013. Try it once and you, like I, may just become a slave to L’Entrecôte.

Will you dine at L’Entrecôte?

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