Home Restaurant NYC  is a cozy, low-key restaurant that is perfect for anyone craving good  food and an intimate atmosphere. Located in the West Village, Home seats about 30 people, and has a romantic heated outdoor patio that will impress anyone you decide to take here. Inside, you’ll find a comfortable atmosphere that will make anyone feel like they’re at home.


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Besides their atmosphere and warm aesthetic, Home has some of the best food. Serving  American comfort food, Home Restaurant NYC uses only local products from the Hudson Valley, Finger Lakes, North Fork, and Brooklyn to West Greenwich Village. Not only is all their food local, but so are their choices of wine, spirits, and cocktails. Most of the beverage offers are sourced from domestic distilleries and New York state vineyards and breweries, which means you’re getting a taste of the local atmosphere in almost everything you order.

I recently went to Home, and I have to say that the hype lives up to the reputation. I recommend ordering the macaroni and cheese, seeing that it is hands down the best homemade macaroni and cheese I’ve ever had (sorry, mom).  You can tell that they use all local ingredients, and everything tasted fresh and homemade.


photo via Trip Advisor

My date ordered the grilled newport steak with fries, and it was cooked to perfection. The fries also came with homemade ketchup, which I never thought could make a difference. Now that I’ve had homemade ketchup, I don’t think I can go back to having the processed stuff on my fries anymore. After trying a few bites myself, it’s definitely something I have to order next time I’m there.

I also had a wine that my waiter recommended, and it didn’t disappoint. Though I’m not sure how one determines what wine goes well with macaroni and cheese, he was able to find me a wine that matched perfectly. Eating macaroni and cheese with a bottle of wine to share is something I would typically do when I’m home alone, so why not do it here? Whether you decide to go here for brunch, lunch, or dinner, you’ll be having some of the best comfort food that will hit the spot.

Rebecca is (secretly Linda Belcher) a senior at Iona College, studying Mass Communications. She loves to travel, coffee, and her dog. Fan of boy bands, big hair, and everything bagels. Professional shade thrower and wearer of beanies.


  1. I just moved back to NYC and I’m so excited to start trying all these restaurants I’ve never heard of. One that serves a top notch mac ‘n cheese definitely makes the list!


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