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Today is Moldova’s Independence Day and we’re excited to celebrate by discovering their delicious and hearty foods. Moldova is located in Eastern Europe and thus, is a hodge-podge of influences from Russian, Jewish, Turkish, Greek, Bulgarian and Ukrainian cuisines. The soil in Moldova is very rich and is a great conductor for wine, fruit and vegetables. Almost every meal has a rich list of vegetables in it, and accompanying those meals are local wines. The main staples in their cuisine consists of beef, pork, potatoes, cabbage and various grains (mostly cereals).

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The most popular dish in Moldova is mămăligă, a cornmeal type mush that is served with stews and meat dishes. Sort of like our baked potato, mămăligă can be topped with cottage cheese, sour cream or pork rind. Other traditional meals include mutton stew (ghiveci) and brined cheese (brânză), a local delicacy. Common foods include various meats including beef meatballs, chicken soup, steamed lamb, and roasted pork which are served as both appetizers and main dishes. The most common spices in Moldovan cuisine are garlic, tarragon and pepper.

On holidays, traditional dishes such as minced meat stuffed cabbage rolls, pilaf, jelly, noodles and chicken are served. For dessert, pastries stuffed with fruit various things such as fruit, walnuts, cheese and vegetables are served.

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Is your stomach grumbling yet? Ours are! And if you’re in New York City, then you’re in luck! Moldova Restaurant has a 4 star rating on Yelp! and is just a hop, skip and a jump over the river into Brooklyn where ethnic food thrives. The food is authentic, moderately priced, and served in a really cool atmosphere. The owners proudly state, “We are proud of our history. We keep our centuries-old Moldavian traditions and culture embodying them in the spirit of culinary art. Therefore, we have created a place where everyone can feel at home. We care about every detail of the interior, trying to convey friendly environment of Moldova.”

Will you try Moldovan cuisine?

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