Comfort food. Mac and cheese. The kind of food you eat on your couch, usually with a spoon, and sometimes while you’re crying. Or if you’re like me, you don’t need a reason, or a special occasion (your most recent breakup) to stuff your face with one of America’s favorite foods. Kraft Mac and Cheese you could say, was the gateway to my cheesy addiction. (I’ve started to call it crackaroni and cheese.) Then it was all about Stouffers, until I finally discovered the powers of Velveeta. But for those of you who could afford to spend more than four dollars on a meal, then I do suggest you try venturing off into this big world and try tasting something new. Perhaps with some mac and cheese that didn’t come from a box. Here’s our roundup of the five best places to eat mac and cheese in NYC. The Thrillest had us a bit inspired:


Yum. This is the three cheese kind of pasta. The penne is stuffed with Parmesan, Bechamel, and Gruyere, and then topped with crunchy breadcrumbs, and guess what? More cheese. Come here to celebrate Restaurant Week this summer!

best places to eat mac and cheese in nyc artisanal



Holy Smokes! This dish costs $65…and I’m not kidding. Worth it? Lot’s of people agree that it is! This one’s got shaved truffles all over the cheesy thing.

best places to eat mac and cheese in nyc expensive



Probably my favorite combination: goat cheese, with crispy rosemary mixed with jumbo rigatoni. Delicious.

best places to eat mac and cheese in nyc artisanal earls


2. Ditch Plains 

This picture is pretty self-explanatory, no? Mac and cheese slapped onto a juicy hotdog. And a side of fries. Drooling.

best places to eat mac and cheese in nyc artisanal hotdog


1. Freeman’s

You had me at “five different types of cheeses.” All served in a hot deep dish plate.


Where’s your favorite place to eat macaroni and cheese?

[photos via thrillest]
[feature photo credit: Tavallai via photopin cc]

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