The World Cup is only a few days away, and this year, it takes place in Brazil. Brazil is known for Carnivale, with their festivities bursting with bright colors, Samba music, and of course, soccer. With the most World Cups won and the only team to ever play in every tournament, soccer is basically a religion. Whether you’re cheering for Brazil or another team, trying something new like going to one of these spots is definitely worth it. I wouldn’t go to watch a game if you plan on cheering against Brazil, because it might end up in you getting cursed out in Portuguese (I’m not kidding, we take soccer very seriously). So grab a caipirinha, sit back (or stand up and start yelling at the television), and try one of these spots to get into the festivities this year.

New York City Area

1. Rice ‘N Beans

Rice and Beans restaurant

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This spot is one of my favorites in the city, since it’s more intimate than some of the other Brazilian restaurants I’ve been to. With Samba playing softly in the background, it’s the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy some traditional Brazilian dishes. Check out my review and recommendations on what to order here.



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SUSHISAMBA has locations throughout NYC, so finding one shouldn’t be a problem. Nabbing a reservation, however, is necessary and reservations can be booked on their website. Blending a combination of Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian cuisine, it offers a unique twist to traditional Brazilian dishes.

3. BarBossa


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This spot has some of the best caipirinhas  I’ve ever had. Enough said. Go, order one, let it change your life.

Chicago Area

1. Fogo de Chão


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This is probably the most well-known Brazilian steakhouse in Chicago, and for good reason. The founders grew up learning the Gaucho way of preparing the churrasco, which is meat cooked over a pit of open fire. This blend of European and Brazilian cultures has given way to a unique way of cooking, and has been passed down through families for generations.

2. Chama Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse


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If you want an all you can eat experience, this steakhouse is for you. They have a range of different dishes and sides, as well as an all you can eat, table carved and served Brazilian meat. In most Brazilian steakhouses that have this (if not all,) a card is placed on your table. If the card is faced with the red side up, the carvers pass your table. With the green side facing up, it means that you want them to stop at your table and you can pick your choice of meat. For any carnivore, a Brazilian steakhouse that’s this good is a dream come true.

Los Angeles Area

1. WoodSpoon


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Located Downtown, Wood Spoon is Brazilian comfort food at its best. Every Saturday they also feature new dishes inspired by a different country each week, so there’s some variety if you’re looking to experience more than one kind of cuisine on a given day.

2. Bossa Nova on Sunset


 photo via dinedelish

They’re open until 4 a.m. Go grab rice and beans to satisfy your slightly drunk munchies, I promise you they will hit the spot.

3. Pampas Grill


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This low key spot is located inside the Farmer’s Market, and is popular among locals. Authentic food, big portions, and reasonable prices are what customers rave about when it comes to this place (so, everything. Clearly it’s worth a try!).

Where are you celebrating the World Cup?


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