September 26th is Pancake Lovers Day, and there’s a new way to celebrate with these stuffed pancake recipes. I’m trying not to discriminate against the simple pancakes in the world, but these stuffed recipes give new life to this favorite breakfast food. Here are some recipes, both sweet and savory, to help all you connoisseurs get your fix this year. Since food is always a reason to party, try making these recipes with friends and reflect on how awesome life is thanks to pancakes.

1. Banana Stuffed Pancakes with Honey Lemon Syrup 

Banana stuffed pancakes

photo via Better Recipes 

We’re starting off with a twist on the traditional banana pancake recipe. These stuffed banana pancakes are great with traditional maple syrup, but a twist is the recipe they have for honey lemon syrup. This honey lemon combo can also be used on other pancakes you decide to cook up for this holiday.

2. Veggie Stuffed Pancakes

Veggie stuffed pancakes

photo via Food Network

Want an alternative to sweet, breakfast style pancakes? Veggie stuffed pancakes are a savory alternative. If you want to continue the pancake theme throughout your day, try making these for dinner.

3. Nutella Stuffed Pancakes

Nutella pancakes

photo via Divas Can Cook 

This recipe makes nutella even better, which many find impossible. Instead of having nutella on your pancakes, here’s a way to have them IN your pancakes. There are few marriages as perfect as the combination of nutella with fresh fruit. After making these stuffed nutella pancakes, pair it with topping it with your favorite fruit. Here, these pancakes are topped with strawberries. For a twist, try blueberries, bananas, or any of your favorite fruits.

4. Bacon Stuffed Pancakes

Bacon stuffed pancakes

photo via Babble

Here is the Holy Grail of sweet and savory combined. Salty bacon stuffed inside sweet pancake batter? Perfection for anyone craving a salty sweet combination for breakfast. Want to eat these for lunch? Totally acceptable. Bacon transcends all mealtimes, so these can definitely be enjoyed after breakfast hours.

5. Savory Pancakes with Breakfast Sausage and Cheese

Sausage cheese pancake

photo via Sandra’s Easy Cooking

If you’re looking for a breakfast sandwich in pancake form, here is your guide. Sausage and cheese are stuffed inside these pancakes, and they’re surprisingly easy to make. This recipe is something to use to impress if you want to have brunch to celebrate.

Hopefully these recipes have inspired you to celebrate Pancake Lovers Day on September 26th. If not, they’re easy enough to whip up on a Sunday morning, or if you need to impress any guests with a quick brunch. I do recommend, however, that you take advantage of a day that is dedicated to one of the best breakfast foods of all time.

What are your favorite pancake recipes?

Rebecca is (secretly Linda Belcher) a senior at Iona College, studying Mass Communications. She loves to travel, coffee, and her dog. Fan of boy bands, big hair, and everything bagels. Professional shade thrower and wearer of beanies.


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