When I was little, I distinctively remember voicing my concerns to my parents about the fact that I had sincerely believed I needed professional help for my addiction to cookies (chocolate chip specifically.) They laughed in my face, as I walked away with my head down, full of the worry that I would never overcome this problem of mine. I am 20 years old and I still have the same problem.

To celebrate Tasty Tuesday, I have come up with the five best places in the U.S. to get your fix of chocolaty-goodness without raiding my own kitchen:

  1. Levain Bakery:


[photo credit: Christi @ Love From The Oven via photopin cc]

This shop is located in NYC’s Upper West Side, and can be spotted from a few blocks away because of the long lines of people that wrap around the street to taste these world-famous six-ounce cookies. That’s not all they serve- Levain Bakery bakes fresh baguettes and pastries every day for their hungry and loyal customers. This dark chocolate chocolate chip cookie is to die for with its warm and gooey inside. They also deliver for when you don’t feel like getting out of your pajamas to get these delicious things. What really makes this bakery special is that whatever they don’t sell that day, goes to help feed the hungry. This mission to not waste but to help the less fortunate has been in place since day one.

2. Milk and Cookies Bakery:

Milk & Cookies ice cream sandwich
[photo credit: rikomatic via photopin cc]

Located right off 7th Ave in the West Village, this little gem is not to be ignored! Come here for some right-out-of-the-oven cookies, ice cream sandwiches, brownies, and dessert bars! Wash it down with a cold glass of their organic milk. Milk and cookies just came out with a bacon cookie for all you daring eaters out there.

3. Chili’s Restaurant and Bar:

[photo credit: ayesamson via photopin cc]

Don’t let the chain name fool you! This coconut, caramel filled hot chocolate chip cookie bar will melt in your mouth! This delicious dessert is topped with a huge scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, drizzled with hot fudge, caramel, and walnuts. Do yourself a favor and don’t look at the calorie count! It is worth every bite.

4.) BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse:


[photo credit: ANguyenPhoto via photopin cc]

BJ’s gives you the options of ordering a steamy chocolate chunk, peanut butter, or white chocolate macadamia nut pizookie. And look at all that fresh, whipped ice cream on top. Mmmm. They also now serve one that’s sweet and salty! This pizookie includes pretzel bites, caramel cookie dough, and white and dark chocolate chips. They also serve a cookies n’ cream treat, along with a triple chocolate pizookie. And the locations are endless; BJ’s can be found all over the United States! So many pizookies, such little time!

5. Eleni’s:


[photo credit: m01229 via photopin cc]

This nut-free bakery located in Chelsea, NYC, specializes in designer cookies. They personalize their treats with icing, creating tasty cookies for any occasion. They are almost too pretty to eat.

I guess cookies aren’t the worst thing to be addicted to.


What food can’t you live without?

Shane Autumn is currently a senior at The University of Tampa, pursuing a degree in Communication, a minor in Spanish, and a certificate in International Studies. When this travel-obsessed, adventure junkie isn't out exploring the world, she can be found feeding her unhealthy addiction to chocolate chip cookies. Shane Autumn is an avid human rights and animal activist, and plans on starting her own non-profit organization someday.


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