The allure of traveling for work might be a blessing for some, but for others it’s a nightmare. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be that bad. Create a plan that works best for you and then execute it. With the right steps in place, traveling for work can be a stress-free or near stress-free endeavor.

Relax, it’s Going to be Fine

If it’s nerves that have you rattled when thinking about an upcoming trip, you’re not alone. Many people stress about traveling for different reasons, air travel in particular. If the idea of flying, confined spaces, or the risk of a crying baby in the next row frightens you, just remember to breathe. Then take a moment to prepare yourself mentally so you can take care of packing and getting things in order. With the right mindset, you can learn to enjoy any flight experience that might come your way.

Staying in Touch

While away on business your company will most likely need you to keep in touch and report your findings. A quick and easy way to accomplish this task is through the integrated use of apps such as Evernote and the Google Drive app. They’re designed to help simplify your workflow and allow others to access shared files when needed. Using these applications together give you the opportunity to work with coworkers seamlessly while you are away from the office on business. You can create spreadsheets, presentations and/or create rough drafts with the Evernote application and store them to Google Drive.

What to Pack

With travel comes some sort of packing. The key idea is to only pack the essentials. Small grooming products along with business and leisure clothing should take priority. You’re not going to spend every waking hour at the office, so pack things that are comfortable for you to wear while you peruse the town for something to eat.

Technology Can Help

Allow technology to help you travel. Take advantage of services that let you choose your seat or to check in ahead of time, to reduce stress. There are TSA pre-check programs in place that with a fee, you can get expedited service that eliminates long waits in line, so you can go about your travels in peace. Another good practice for business travel is to pack light. Reduce the need to check your bag, by packing just enough so you can fit your it in the overhead compartment. This allows you to grab your things after you land and dash right to the car rental or cab area to depart the airport.

Frequent Flyer

Lastly, if flying is in your foreseeable future for work, join a frequent flyer program to benefit from all of your travels around the country and world. Why shouldn’t you benefit from all of your travel for business. This way, you can rack up air miles that can equate to free travel or possible discounts on car and hotel stays. Many of the programs are free and easy to join, so sign up and start reaping the rewards from your business travel.


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