We don’t participate in community building events on Twitter as much as we should, but today we just can’t resist. Every Friday on Twitter is an event in the travel community called #FriFotos, where travelers share their favorite photos based on a predetermined theme. This week’s event is all about sweets around the world, and since we are absolutely starving we decided to share our three favorite sweet snacks our taste buds like to borrow from other cultures.


via My Best Days Ever

Origin: the former Ottoman Empire
Why We Love It: What’s not to love about layers of dough, nuts, and honey?
Tastes Like: heaven


via Natalie Paramore

Origin: France
Why We Love It: These little treats come in every flavor imaginable. Oh, and they’re pretty.
Tastes Like: luxury and class


via The Eaten Path

Origin: Poland
Why We Love It: We’ve already told you!
Tastes Like: how sex feels

What are your favorite sweets from around the world?

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