Could you imagine such a place, such a heavenly, other-worldly place where you could ski on the forest floor? Where beams of sunlight pierce the lush canopy as you float on a bed of green ferns? Where moss covered trees become your new elements for tricks? I know, I know; I was skeptical when I first heard about this too. But the documentary Valhalla  proves that this dream can become a reality.

The collaboration between Sweetgrass Productions, Patagonia, Whitewhater Resort, Powder Magazine and Dynafit pushes the boundaries of skiing as we all know it. An excerpt from their video description reads:

Beyond action sports– with Valhalla’s totally unique style and structure, we’ve recognized an opportunity to put a daring new spin on the ski film, exploding the boundaries of the genre, opening the eyes and melting the hearts of any story-loving soul. With hard-hitting ski and snowboard action complimenting a more narrative-driven approach than our past films, or perhaps any other ski movie before it, we follow one man’s escape into the Northern woods, and his wild journey towards satisfaction, understanding, and love in some of the deepest snows on earth.

Here is probably an appropriate place to explain the “science” behind all of this. In the vast desolation and beauty that is Washington State, is the enormous North Cascades National Park where these skiing daredevils do their groundbreaking work. The park, which is only about 125 miles away from Vancouver, receives an enormous amount of fresh water runoff in early spring. This mountain water makes the forest floor extremely lush, damp and ideal for skiing conditions–make sure to schedule your vacation next year, in the beginning of April, to catch this wild phenomenon. You can buy Valhalla on iTunes, but first check out the cinematography (I may or may not be drooling, and super jealous).

Forest Ski Segment From Valhalla from Sweetgrass Productions on Vimeo.

Would you ever ski on the forest floor?

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Gabbi Ewing is a rising junior studying Journalism as well as Film & Television at NYU. She is a New Jersey native who enjoys traveling, writing, skiing, and swimming. She hopes to travel the world, but her next adventure is taking her to Sydney, Australia to study with NYU. She aspires to work for National Geographic or Discovery Channel and to use her film, photography and writing skills to help people experience new cultures and places that they don't have the opportunity to travel to themselves.


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