Travel is different for everyone. People travel with varying intentions, reasons and styles. While some may be on a personal quest of identity, clarity or culture, others may be looking for an escape from reality whether it temporary or otherwise, and others still might just be in it for something new, something classic, or just a fun vacation. For some travelers the choice between solo or group travel is an obvious answer, others might value both and alternate or maybe choose one or another depending on the specifics of the destination, but for those with less experience, the decision might not be clear. If you’re debating whether to go solo on your next adventure or take it along side other travelers, there are many factors to consider depending on what you hope to get out of your trip. Although, you can rest assured, for most travel freaks, the pros of either outweigh the cons, and you’ll probably end up on an amazing journey no matter what. Here are some pros and cons of both solo and group travel to consider while planning your next trip.

solo vs group travel

Solo Travel


  • You are forced to think for yourself, problem solve, and react appropriately to diverse and unexpected situations… aka practice for being a well functioning human adult.
  • You set your own pace and plans.
  • You will learn about yourself.
  • You are able to experience a genuine personal impression of the destination.


  • Safety can be a more serious issue.
  • It can be harder to find good financial deals.
  • There’s no one to put sunscreen on your back except for the creepy stranger who offers to put sunscreen on your back.
  • You miss out on the beauty of a shared experience.

Group Travel


  • The buddy system, like with so many buddies.
  • You’ll make new friends or strengthen existing relationships.
  • Group rates often mean discounted rates for accommodations and attractions.
  • It can be interesting to compare notes and see what impact the destination had on others.


  • You might not agree on what things to do and see.
  • The biases of others might sway your impressions or experience.
  • Plans are likely less flexible.
  • You might have different styles of traveling or simply not get along.

Do you prefer solo or group travel?

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