If you’re anything like me, the Winter Olympics have consumed your life this month. I feel like today’s the first day I’ve put on real-people-pants and ventured out into society since the games began. It can be a little tricky to keep track of who’s in first given the amount of events that take place each and everyday so here’s a handy little round-up to help you straighten out the current standings. Note: I’ve done the standings by GOLD medal count, not overall medal count. Okay here we go. Starting with number 10:


Chinese Olympic Team 2014 Sochi

(Photo via IMGACE)

China is currently ranked as 10th overall. Gold Medals: 3. In: Short Track (2) and Speed Skating (1).

9. Poland

Polish Olympic Team 2014 Sochi

(Photo Via Getty Images)

Here comes Poland in 9th place. Total gold medals: 4. In: Ski Jumping (2), Cross Country (1), and Speed Skating (1).

8. Canada

Canadian Olympic Team 2014 Sochi

(Photo Via CBS)

Currently in 8th place, we have Canada! Total gold medals: 4. In: Freestyle Skiing (3) and Short Track (1).

7. Belarus

Belarus Olympic Team 2014 Sochi

We’re moving on up, guys. In 7th place, here is Belarus! Total gold medals: 5. In: Biathlon (3) and Freestyle Skating (2).

6. Switzerland

Switzerland Olympic Team 2014 Sochi

(Photo Via Zimbio)

Bridging the gap between the bottom 5 and the top 5, here’s Switzerland! Total gold medals: 5. In: Alpine Skiing (2), Cross Country (2), and Snowboarding (2).

5. Russia

Russia Olympic Team 2014 Sochi

(Photo Via NY Daily News)

And now we’ve finally hit the top 5! Russia’s gold medal hoard is currently at: 5. In: Figure Skating (2), Short Track (1), Skeleton (1), and Bobsleigh (1).

4. United States

United States Olympic Team 2014 Sochi

(Photo Via Yahoo)

In 4th place, we have our own beloved nation! Way to go, U.S.A. Total gold metals: 6. In: Snowboarding (3), Freestyle Skiing (2), and Figure Skating (1).

3. Netherlands

Winner of the men's 500 meters speed skating competition Mulder of the Netherlands, second placed Smeekens of the Netherlands and third placed Mulder of the Netherlands celebrate at the flower ceremony for the event at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

(Photo Via National Turk)

In third place, the Netherlands! Total gold medals: 6. In: Speed Skating (6).

2. Norway

Norway Olympic Team 2014 Sochi

(Photo Via People)

In second place…Norway! Total gold medals: 7. In: Cross Country (3), Biathlon (2), Nordic Combined (1), and Alpine Skiing (1).

1. Germany

Germany Olympic Team 2014 Sochi

(Photo Via Zimbio)

And the number one spot goes toooooooo Germany! As of right now, Germany holds the most gold medals in the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Total gold medals: 8. In: Luge (4), Ski Jumping (2), Alpine Skiing (1), and Nordic Combined (1).

Have you been enjoying the Winter Olympics?









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