Mother Nature is at it again!

This time, she did something pretty incredible in in Slovakia. Recently, two hikers came across a mountain lake in the High Tatras Mountains. One of the hikers, Tomas, posted a video on YouTube of him and his friend — both who appear to be walking on water…

This surreal video doesn’t have any special effects or illusions. The reason why it looks like these travelers are walking on water is thanks to the pristine, clean ice that froze over the mountain lake.

The video already has nearly 700,000 views after only two days, and that is no surprise. When you watch the video, you can see the rocks at the bottom so clearly, it’s hard to believe that there is ice separating them from the travelers. Surrounding the lake are huge towering mountains making the hikers look tiny — we can only imagine how these adventurers felt during this experience. Especially, since at 22 seconds, the ice cracks slightly under Tomas’ left foot, even though he was stepping cautiously.

Believe it or not, some people are outraged by the danger these hikers put themselves in, but apparently it is safe to walk on ice if it is at least 4 inches thick.

Check out the video below:

What do you think of this incredible place in Slovakia?

Sydney Pereira is a student at New York University trying to change the world while simultaneously making enough money to travel when she's not studying or writing. She's also an athlete, music-lover, and avid news reader. When she's not exploring NYC, fresh flowers from the farmer's market and a cup of hot tea on a lazy Saturday are equally fulfilling.


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