For most people, the idea of rushing off to the airport or spending hours in transit for work is a nightmare. However, what is negative to one person can be a positive to another. Some people absolutely adore jobs which require extensive travel. If this sounds like you, here are six awesome careers to consider.

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Performer Support Staff

Circuses, musical acts, plays, magicians and all manner of performers circle the globe to bring their talents to hordes of adoring fans. Someone has to drive the tour buses and trucks, set up and tear down the equipment and handle the details of the performers’ lives on the road. For those with wanderlust, a life as a roadie may be just the right fit.

Freelance Writing and Photography

Writers and photographers often have the luxury of turning in work from anywhere with an Internet connection, whether that location is at a coffee shop in NYC or a tiny hostel in Namibia. Freelancing leaves you with the freedom to work as you travel. You can also work for multiple freelance sources, which allows you to set your prices and earn the income you choose.

Foreign Television or Radio Corresponding

When there’s action of note in foreign countries, many news outlets will have a correspondent on the next flight to cover the story. If you are interested in working as a foreign correspondent, a communications degree can get you in with news outlets. Whether it’s a war, natural disaster, amazing new structure or interviewing foreign people of note, the work in this arena is seemingly endless for those who are motivated, flexible and qualified.

Operating or Working on a Cargo Vehicle or Vessel

Over-the-road truckers who hustle can get from the Pacific to the Atlantic in under four days, as can a train engineer. Those who work on enormous cargo vessels can make it all the way around the globe and see gorgeous ports from Australia to Canada. These careers are made for travelers.

Positions in the Military

The United States Armed Forces has army and naval bases around the globe, and jobs available in a huge variety of specialties. If you are young and don’t have any dependents, you could join and be stationed anywhere from across the country to across the planet. If travel interests you, make sure your recruiter is aware before you sign up.

Interpretation Opportunities

If you speak two or more languages and don’t mind a grueling schedule packed with travel, consider becoming a professional interpreter. Interpreters are vital to international businesses, as they make sure that both sides are in agreement concerning contracts, expectations and even social matters such as proper manners and mutual respect.

Those who love to travel for work are a rare breed. If you are interested in making your way around the country or the world, one of these careers may be a perfect fit.

What travel job would you like to have?

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