As if the famous amusement park isn’t home to enough terrifying rides (see Nitro), Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey has recently added a new record-breaking ride to their repertoire called  Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom. Rising 41-stories into the air, it is the tallest drop-ride ever constructed.

Zumanjaro is built on to the face Six Flag’s most famous roller coaster, Kingda Ka. The 415-foot structure features three separate towers, each equipped with an eight-person gondola. The ride launches the gondolas up into the sky at a speed of 90 miles per hours and briefly pauses at the top to give passengers an areal view of the park as well as a moment to process the fact that they’ll be back plunging down to Earth in a matter of seconds. Kingda Ka’s trains zoom around the towers at 128 miles per hours, the screams of the riders alerting Zumanjaro’s passengers of their impending doom. Before the fear fully sets in, the gondolas drop and in less than ten seconds, the ride is over and passengers are left to recollect their organs.

Zumanjaro is obviously not for those of weak stomachs or sane minds. The ride takes less than a minute start to finish, leaving you hardly enough to scream let alone process what the hell is going on. The park anticipates that the ride will be highly successful and not one part of me doubts it. The thrill-seekers that lurk among us will be lining up to experience an adrenaline rush on par with Una Thurman’s in Pulp Fiction…sans the needle in the heart, obviously.

The park opened on April 12th but the ride will not open to the public until Memorial Day weekend. So, do you have what it takes to be on top? Of Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom, that is.

Will you ride Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom?




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