It’s shark week, and after reading multiple stories about horrific shark attacks that have been occurring across America lately, we think it’s best to be informed in order to keep yourself safe when you’re traveling this season.

The Active Times complied a list of places where you’re most likely to be attacked by a shark in America. More than half are located in Florida. Number one on the list is Volusia County, which according to the International Shark Attack File, has seen 238 attack ons its New Smyrna Beach. Overall, the county has seen 267 attacks, none of which have been fatal.

Runner up is Brevard County, which is not too far from Orland. There have been 122 shark attacks at places like Cocoa and Satellite Beach.

Surprisingly, Maui, Hawaii is #4 on the list. The hot vacation destination has seen 56 attacks, with one fatal attack back in April.

So far, there have been 23 shark attacks this year (let’s hope it stays at that number). But there are ways to help protect yourself. For starters, avoid swimming at night as that’s when many sharks are most active.

Also, avoid waters that are being used for fishing, as bait from fishing poles can attract sharks. Shining jewelry also can lure predators.

If a beach or swimming area has seen sharks in the past, it’s best to steer clear. If you do happen to see a shark in the water, stay calm! And, as ISAF points out, don’t panic too much about shark attacks, as you’re more likely to be struck by lightening.

Head over to The Active Times for the full list!

Have you witnessed a shark attack?


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