Many times, when Americans talk about great travels, they are usually talking about a European getaway. We often forget the incredible wonders that are in our own backyard. Luckily, we were pleasantly reminded by Shane Black, who created an unbelievable video of American’s best landscapes.

After quitting his day job, 26 year-old Black spent six months traveling 13,000 miles across 32 states, where he captured some of America’s best known natural landmarks.

With about 10,000 photos to choose from, Black combined his photos to create a mesmerizing time-lapse video titled Adventure Is CallingHis piece is a compilation of land and sea, and even sky! Black is not only an incredible landscape photographer, but also an astrophotographer. Viewers can witness the mountain ranges of Yosemite National Park, the beautiful coastlines of California and Oregon, the desert dunes of New Mexico, forests of Wyoming, and Milky Way skies of South Dakota and Florida.

According to the Daily Mail, Black funded his expedition by teaching photography workshops in a few cities along the way, and was a newbie to time-lapse techniques. But, that clearly didn’t stop him from producing his inspiring results.

Adventure Is Calling, brings viewers on a colorful and breathtaking tour of orange sunsets, snow-capped mountain ranges, rolling valleys, and starry skies that truly encapsulates the natural beauty of America. Watch the video below to see his work:


What do you think of Shane Black’s video?

Valerie Theofanis is a student at Marymount Manhattan College and is studying Communication and Media Arts. She's an adventure junkie and has a passion for traveling. The fastest way to her heart is anything dipped or smothered in chocolate.


  1. America’s landscapes and marvelous national parks are without question what I love most about the country. Absolutely fantastic video!


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