As if we didn’t all love Rome enough already, La Grande Bellezza, or The Great Beauty, took home not only the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film but also the hearts of all who’ve seen it (if you haven’t, don’t talk to me until you do, we’re in a fight). If you’re one of the many who wished you could be in all of the amazing locations of the movie rather than watching them from a theater, your dream is about to come true.

the great beauty

Photo via Roger Ebert 

After the Oscar win was announced Mayor Marino of Rome made planning tour itineraries around the sites shown in the film a priority, a way of further promoting the film and also furthering the film’s inevitable promotion and showing off of the amazing sites of Rome. There are various self guided walking tour itineraries available and also options for guided tours are becoming available too. Possibly the best part about all of this is that for these itineraries to be possible, Rome is opening to the public a number of locations in the film that have previously been private and inaccessible, and therefore unknown, to visitors of the city. Want a little taste of what you’re in for? Here’s just some of the beautiful locations you’ll be visiting if you take one of the tours based on The Great Beauty.

Jep’s apartment building, right next to the Colosseum.

jep's apartment

Photo via steeliman

Parco degli Acquedotti, where Jep watched a… contemporary art performance…

Parco degli Acquedotti

Photo via Wonders in the Dark

Santa Maria del Priorato, which the key holder unlocked for Jep and Ramona.


Photo via wikipedia 

Salone delle Fontane in EUR, where Jep explains how attending a funeral is like a performance.

Salone delle Fontane

Photo via Esquire

Terme di Caracalla, where Jep encounters a disappearing giraffe. (The giraffe will not be there… probably).

Terme di Caracalla

Photo via opi97

Recently Mayor Marino made director Paolo Sorrentino, who is originally from Naples, an honorary citizen of Rome because the movie has become “the pride of the entire city of Rome”.

Which site from The Great Beauty do you want to visit in Rome?

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