Well, the polls are officially opened to determine whether or not Scottish independence will happen.

According to the BBC, 4,285,323 Scottish people are registered to vote whether they to be an independent country — separate from the rest of the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, because of a code of practice, many news outlets are reporting the minimum when it comes to the situation.

But what we do know is that the question on the ballot is very simple: “Should Scotland be an independent country?” And there are only two responses “yes” or “no.” We also know that the polls opened early on Thursday morning at 7 AM and will stay open until 10 PM on Thursday. The results should be in first-thing Friday morning.


Whatever the outcome is, it’s going to have a huge impact on the relationship between the countries. If a majority of the vote comes back “yes” it will be the most significant event to happen in the United Kingdom since Britain and Scotland united in 1707. It will also have a major impact on Scotland’s economy. If the final vote comes back as “no” then Prime Minister David Cameron will have challenges to face in trying to smooth the rift.

President Obama sent out a Tweet this morning via The White House’s account on Wednesday saying that he hopes the countries remain united.

As for Queen Elizabeth, she will still be the formal head of Scotland, unless the country decides to forgo a monarchy. But for now, mums the word. “Any suggestion that the Queen would wish to influence the outcome of the current referendum campaign is categorically wrong. Her Majesty is firmly of the view that this is a matter for the people of Scotland,” a spokeswoman told CNN So now, we’ll eagerly await to hear the news. For more information, head over to the BBC.

What is your opinion about Scottish Independence?



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