Now that the Internet has overwhelmed you with all things related to fall, it’s time to think about the real reason October is the best month of the year:jec Halloween. Those who are looking for a scare this year have to check out the most terrifying haunted houses in the US. Some of these make you wonder if what they’re doing is legal and some will have you sign a waiver or have a safe word to escape the horrors. These are your nightmares after your first scary movie in reality. And you’ll have to pay money for it too. Are you still down?


Pennhurst Asylum – Spring City, Pennsylvania

This hospital-themed haunted house has been featured on Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters and is ranked #1 on Hauntworld. The building it’s located in is known to have active paranormal investigations.

Blackout Haunted House – New York & LA

The Blackout Haunted House has been known for being physical from putting a bag over your head to pushing you down. It’s also known for its nudity and simulated rape and violence scenes.

Mercer Home for the Criminally Insane – North Conway, New Hampshire

This haunted house features three Mercer Home residents who have escaped from maximum security, and they are the most violent criminals as well. The video is in the link above, can you get through all of it?

The Beast & Edge of Hell – Kansas City, Missouri

The Beast is notorious for its live alligator, and the Edge of Hell sits 666 feet above sea level and features a reticulated python.

Netherworld Haunted House – Atlanta, GA

The Roswell, Georgia Paranormal Investigations concluded that there is paranormal activity in the Netherworld building after looking at EVP and AVP evidence. Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, this one will leave you terrified.

Thirteenth Gate – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The Thirteenth Gate is ranked #2 on Hauntworld. One of the scariest features is a maze of caves that have hundreds of live snakes.

These are just a few of the several terrifying haunted houses across the US. People travel hundreds of miles just for the experience of some of these haunted houses. Take an adventure to the dark side of Halloween.

What’s your scariest haunted house experience?

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