I love haunted houses. To me, they are the best part of Fall and Halloween. Forget pumpkin spice lattes and mini versions of beloved candy: give me a good old fashioned scare. I had heard that Blood Manor was one of the scariest haunted houses in New York City, so I convinced two of my friends to come along with me and we prepared ourselves for the frights ahead.

My companions were apprehensive as we headed down to the Hudson Square neighborhood of New York City. I am notoriously hard to scare, so I was smiling excitedly as they asked me questions.

“Okay, but how scary is it supposed to be, exactly?” they asked. I had no idea, this was my first visit to Blood Manor, however after the experience I can safely say it won’t be my last. The entertainment started before we even got to the door, with a girl dressed in costume followed us silently, dragging a bloody axe behind her. There was also a man preparing to hang himself from a bar by his skin entertaining those waiting in line, but I thought my shoes looked much more interesting…

Once inside we waited to be let into the attraction, our group of three was paired up with two more people and we were ushered inside. Being dubbed the bravest member of the group, I was shoved forward into the room and immediately approached by a girl in a terrifying doll’s mask. This first room set the bar pretty high for the rest of the attraction, but it lived up. The actors at Blood Manor are not allowed to touch you unless you attend on “Touch Me Thursdays”, but they get pretty damn close which in my opinion is more uncomfortable than if they just reached out to grab you. There is nothing creepier than a completely silent member of the undead, covered in blood, just a breath away from your face, unmoving and not allowing you to get through the door that you can just make out behind them.

Another thing that really gets under my skin is being disoriented, and there are definitely moments in Blood Manor where you become disoriented feeling blindly along the wall to find your way to the next room. On November 7th and 8th, the last two nights of the attraction you can go through the attraction with only a glowstick and minimal lighting. I am half tempted to go back just to see what it is like, and half worried that if I do I will end up with one of the t-shirts they give you if you pee your pants.

My friends and I survived Blood Manor, and for someone who is incredibly hard to spook, I will admit that my heart was racing by the end.

If you are looking for a scary night out with friends, Blood Manor is definitely the place to go.

Scare score: 4/5

blood manor haunted house

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