John and Pierre are two men on a mission. The pair are currently on the adventure of a lifetime for a great cause — they’re riding their bikes from London, England to Cape Town, South Africa in order to raise money and awareness for Save The Rhino International, a charity that supports protective rangers and fights poaching to try and bring back the rare species from endangerment across Africa and Asia. John and Pierre are both South African born but have been living and working in London as economists for the past 10 years, though they’ve been expats for a long time now, their great love of Africa couldn’t be more clear by their choice in charity. The two took two full years to plan their journey, thought up by a passion for travel, culture, cycling and adventure and realized the trip would be even more meaningful if done in support of a cause important to their home and on a global scale.

Save The Rhino International

Pictured above, we can see Pierre and John having a rest in a beautiful sun soaked park on a December afternoon in Rome, Italy, a huge milestone in their trip, after quite a few days of riding through much less lucky weather conditions. The guys have earned this break after biking from London, through all of France, and then down through Italy. They said they would take a few days in the city and then fly to Cairo, Egypt for the next leg of their journey, where they’ll bike through Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique before finally arriving in their final destination of South Africa. We’re hoping to catch up with these wild adventurers once they safely reach Cape Town to hear how the rest of the ride went, and how much awareness for the rhinos they raised along the way, but if you can’t wait that long to see how it’s going, can’t blame you, pretty exciting, you can follow them throughout their journey on their blog or on Twitter at @wildbikeride.


If you want to help save the rhinos too, but don’t exactly have the time or budget to cycle across two continents, then you can show your support by sharing their story, or even donating to Save The Rhino International through the links on their blog.

All photos via Sarah Freeman

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