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Ancient Rome just got even ancienter… more ancient… whatever, you get it. The point is a recent discovery may be evidence that Rome is around 200 years older than we all thought. Yep, 200 extra years… I know what you’re thinking… “dayuuum… gurl look gewwwwd…”… and you are correct, she do look good, she do. The tale has always been told that Rome was founded by brothers Romulus and Remus in 753 BC, but recently archeologists have uncovered a piece of a wall which looks like it dates back to around 900 (ish) BC. The remains of the wall were found during an excavation project inside the Roman Forum. This particular dig started in 2009 and was meant to be an excavation of a black stone shrine called the Lapis Niger, which is supposedly a couple of centuries older than the Roman empire, though not the founding. The site is right next to the Arch of Severus Septimius, the famous marble monument at the center of the Forum.

Arch of Severus Septimius

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Dr Patrizia Fortuni and her team of archaeologists used images turned 3D from former digs, laser scanners and high definition photography to find the exact location of the wall and determine that it was the first structure created at that site. The wall was made of the same kind of limestone (called tufa) that some other ceramics and artifacts found in the area were also made of, and comparing the same material of the wall to the dated and marked artifacts also confirmed for the archaeologists that the wall was the oldest thing there.

Now don’t go getting all worried that you won’t get to visit the Forum on your upcoming trip to Rome. Archaeologists are pretty much always working and digging and excavating and studying and taking all the little notes in their little note pads and photographing and pondering  and eating gelato and okay I might not know the specifics of how an official dig works… but what I do know is they won’t stop you from visiting, it is still open to tourists. Obviously there is a lot of amazing history here and it can get overwhelming so jumping in a guided tour with an expert to help you keep your facts straight is pretty much always the best way to go.

Will you visit the now ancienter Rome?

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