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Rome‘s performance arts festival is back for a fourth year and at a new location. This summer’s Roma Fringe is being held in the gardens of Castle Sant’Angelo (pictured below) through the beginning of July. There couldn’t be a better location in the city, as the gardens have two levels, so live performances of independent theater, music, stand-up and more by local and international artists will be at a number of small stages set up spread throughout the lower level, while the upper level hosts a walk through vendors of art, crafts, artisan products, food and displays of street art.

fringe 2

If you’re planning a summer trip to Rome, then you’ve certainly heard about the heat. It’s typically upwards of 90 degrees by mid-June, and that Mediterranean sun makes it feel a whole lot hotter. Travelers would be wise to take a siesta mid-afternoon at the peak of the heat and hit museums during the day, and spend their evenings and nights enjoying Rome’s outdoor events like Roma Fringe. Once the temps slide back down to reasonable head over to Castle Sant’Angelo for a night of art and intrigue. There is a program posted on the website listing the live performances and their schedules if you think there’s something specific you’d like to see, or you can just wander over and catch whatever’s up next and let the fun also be in the surprise. The top level of the gardens are free to enter and walk around, enjoying music and perhaps shopping for products, drinks or snacks from small vendors, and then each performance of the lower level is just five euros at the gate.

There are often activities for family’s traveling with young kids, but this event is great for solo travelers as well as it is in a safe, well populated area where it’s comfortable to casually stroll through the scene and enjoy the atmosphere.

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All photos via Sarah Freeman

Will you go to the Roma Fringe Festival this summer?

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