We all know AirBnb as the go to site to book an affordable and authentic accommodation when we travel. In most cases, reviews are accurate and both hosts and visitors find what they were looking for. The AirBnb App just makes things a whole lot easier, faster and convenient.

From the home page it is clear how to navigate to search, profile, messages and travel history options. The app allows your potential host or guest to see enough of your profile to determine if you are a good match for them, while protecting your privacy and providing the safe messenger service to set up arrangements until you’re ready to exchange real information. The in-app messages let travelers know faster if their booking has been rejected so they can keep on hunting without having to go back to their computer, and they let hosts manage all of their guests on the go without interrupting their daily life.


Image via Airbnb App

 Travelers can choose to see a list view with pictures of places to stay in their destination or they can look at the map if they want to focus on a particular area. Once they filter their choices of guests numbers and type of accommodation it is easy to just book in app. You can also check back and view your history, so if you find a place you love you can stay there again next time you’re in town.


Image via Airbnb App


  • Easy to navigate and use.
  • Stocked with clear photos of rooms so you have a realistic image of what you’re in for.
  • Fast responding hosts are labeled if you need someplace last minute.
  • Easy and reliable messenger tool.
  • Option to be a guest or a host.
  • Convenient map option lets you book close to your preferred attractions or neighborhoods.
  • It’s free!


  • It’s almost too easy, like before you know it you’ll be accidentally booking yourself trips every weekend just because you know you can in only a moment.
  • You have to be awake to use it? I don’t know I literally have only had good experiences with this app.


This is a great tool for both travelers and hosts. Hosts can easily manage their bookings from anywhere, and guests can find great locations exactly where they want with reliable photos and reviews with only a touch of a button.

Where will you travel with the AirBnb App?

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