Arrival back at camp quickly led to a “who flipped” conversation. Trish used the word “bamboozled,” and for some reason she still trusts Tony. Kass confirms that it is a “one-vote alliance” but a single-vote agreement hardly an alliance makes, so I’m guessing she’s never seen a single episode of Survivor.

The next day, Tony constructs a spy shack. Broken branches, tree limbs, and Tony has a front-row seat to private conversation. Smart, or ridiculous? Maybe a combination because Tony can hear everything, but his pea brain spins the words to an insane conclusion.

Come on in, guys! The contestants are divided into two teams of four. There’s paddling, and there’s puzzling. The prize is a barbeque lunch. The boats are all wobbly, and there’s a long way to paddle. Tasha’s kicking ass and is my new favorite player. If only she would form an alliance with my old favorite player, Woo. Jefra gets clocked in the head with a paddle but nobody will ever notice, and Tony dumped a paddle in the water which cost his team time. In the end, Tasha and Spencer pull out a win with the puzzle and join Jefra and Jeremiah for a barbeque lunch.


Back at camp, Tony goes to look for the Immunity Idol while Trisha and Woo go in search of papayas and limes. Woo climbs a tree and shakes the heck out of it…and shakes seven massive papayas out of the tree before plunging to the ground. He’s fine, sort of, that was about eleven feet down.

Over at the reward, Jefra and Jeremiah consider an alliance with Tasha and Spencer. Then, they receive letters from home. Jefra seems to be getting the elimination edit, so we’ll see how that works out. They make an alliance which is supposed to take them to the final four, but I don’t see this lasting very long.

Immediately upon her return to camp, Jefra has a heart-to-heart with Trisha and Tony who talk her back into the alliance. It’s almost sad to watch, and you can pretty much hear her brain squishing around her skull like an almost-ready Jello mold.

This makes Tony nervous so he spends the rest of the day in search of the Hidden Immunity Idol which he is unsure if Spencer already found. He is determined, and he has definitely seen the show before because he searches in and under every oddball tree around camp. His hard work pays off when he digs far deeper than I would expect an Idol to be and finds not just a Hidden Immunity Idol but a Magical Hidden Immunity Idol. What makes this one magical is that it can only be used by the person who finds it, and it can be used after the votes are read. Wow. So that means the tribe will have to vote out Tony twice in order for it to stick, and even then they run the risk of him finding the newly hidden Hidden Immunity Idol.


Tribal Council is an absolute borefest, so let’s get right to the votes. But before that happens, Spencer plays his Immunity Idol. This sends Tony fumbling around with a grubby piece of muslin and whatever happened to being able to use the Magical Idol whenever? Then, Tony yammers something about a guy named Jeremy who isn’t even playing the game and flashes a fake idol. Okay, well, that didn’t seem to scare anyone, so put it back in your pants, Tony. Turns out Spencer didn’t need to play the Idol at all. Woo gets three votes, and Jeremiah gets the rest. Jeremiah is the tenth person voted out of the tribe.

Next week, Spencer makes Tony paranoid which is always a good strategy.

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